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LED Emergency Lights

Illuminate your space with confidence using our LED Emergency Lights. Designed to provide safety and peace of mind during critical situations, our lights are equipped with advanced features and reliable performance. Whether you need an emergency exit light box, a recessed double-sided pictogram exit sign, or a slim bulkhead design, our LED Emergency Lights offer durable construction and energy-efficient illumination. With their seamless integration and long-lasting power, these lights ensure that you are prepared for unexpected power outages and emergencies. Choose our LED Emergency Lights for a reliable and efficient lighting solution that prioritizes your safety and security.

LED Emergency Lights
Morris LED Emergency Light Bulkhead Exit Morris LED Emergency Light Bulkhead Exit
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Illuminate your outdoor space and ensure the safety of your emergency exits with the Morris LED Emergency Light Bulkhead. With its long-lasting, energy-efficient, and waterproof design, this light provides bright and clear illumination, making it ideal for both outdoor areas and emergencies. Its eas..
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Brand: V-TAC
Introducing the V-TAC LED Emergency Light, your reliable companion during unexpected power outages and emergencies. This innovative lighting solution offers a multitude of benefits that will leave you feeling secure and prepared. With its powerful 3W LED chip, it provides a bright and energy-efficie..
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Brand: Megaman
Introducing the Megaman LED Emergency Light, a reliable and versatile lighting solution designed to keep you safe and secure during unexpected power outages or emergencies. With its slim bulkhead design and lightweight construction, installation is a breeze. The IP65 rating ensures dust and waterpro..
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