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5ft Single Pack LED Battens

Defeat the Darkness with a Mighty 5ft LED Batten!

Say goodbye to dim lighting and hello to brilliant illumination with the powerful 5ft LED Batten from LED First Choice, your one-stop shop for all your LED lighting needs!


This mighty single unit packs a punch, casting a wide beam of clean, bright light that's perfect for illuminating garages, workshops, basements, and any large space craving a lighting upgrade. Choose from a variety of wattages and colour temperatures to tailor the light to your needs, all while enjoying the incredible energy efficiency and extended lifespan that are hallmarks of LED technology.
Plus, with free UK mainland delivery, there's no reason to wait to experience the transformative power of the 5ft LED Batten!

Brighten your space and your savings with LED First Choice today!

Morris Slimline 5ft LED Batten light Morris Slimline 5ft LED Batten light
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Morris Slimline 5ft LED Batten light, is a game-changer in lighting solutions. With cutting-edge LED technology, this batten light offers a super bright and energy-efficient lighting experience. The slimline profile adds elegance to any space, seamlessly fitting onto walls or ceilings. Choose betwee..
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Morris Slimline Lightweight 5ft LED Tube Light (Value Range) Morris Slimline Lightweight 5ft LED Tube Light (Value Range)
New -25%
Illuminate Your Space with Precision: Morris Slimline 5ft LED Tube LightBrighten up your surroundings with the Morris Slimline 5ft LED Tube Light! These cutting-edge LED battens offer more than just illumination; they bring efficiency, style, and convenience to your space. Here’s why you’ll love the..
£18.79 £24.99
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Elevate the ambience of your space with our sophisticated Morris Tri-Colour LED Batten Lighting 5ft!These modern and energy-efficient lighting solutions combine style and functionality to enhance any home or office environment. Let me tell you why:● Seamless Transition Between 3 Colour Temperat..
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V-TAC Slimline 5ft LED Tube light (batten) V-TAC Slimline 5ft LED Tube light (batten)
New Hot
Brand: V-TAC
Introducing the V-TAC 5ft LED Tube Light - the ultimate lighting solution for your space! With its outstanding features and unbeatable performance, this tube light is designed to transform your experience. Enjoy the benefits of energy efficiency, longevity, and versatility all in one package. The V-..
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